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Connected to the Swan Unisex Salon, Laura Zimberg provides her excellent massage services. There are three different types of massage; Relaxing Massages, Massages with a Purpose, and Massages with a Twist. Our most popular massages are our relaxation one-hour full body or half if you are in a rush and our hot stone massage.

Hours and pricing are by appointment only, call or text (716) 435-0020

Swan Unisex Salon has been serving the Tonawanda area since 2003. They have been at their current location for nearly 20 years and are conveniently located on Eggert Rd. south of Brighton Rd. A friendly neighborhood salon dedicated to you. The salon has over 2100 square feet of space allowing a wide variety of hair and spa services.



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Laura Zimberg, LMT

At Green Pastures Still Waters Massage Therapy & Spa, our commitment to you is to create a truly holistic and unique experience, in a caring and professional environment.  Indulge yourself in one of our many relaxing and therapeutic body treatments.


Your massage at Swan Unisex Salon takes place in a peaceful, at the beach experience complete with palms trees, waterfalls, teeki  lights, heated table, and relaxing music.  Massage therapy involves manipulations of the soft tissue structures to prevent and alleviate pain, discomfort, muscles spasms, decrease stress and promotes health and wellness.

Relaxing Massages


This traditional massage relaxes the body and calms the mind. Watch your stress melt away; you tired muscles are soothed and you roverall body stiffness is relieved

Back Massage – 30 min $40

Full Body – 60 min $80

Extended Full Body – 90 min $120

                                      -120 min $160

Hot Stone Massage

Experience a luxurious and relaxing massage, combined with deep heat therapy. Smooth polished basalt stones are heated and incorporated into your massage to loosen tight muscles, relieve stress and ease tension.

Full body – 60 min $100

Extended Full Body –  90 min $140

Couples Massage

Share this relaxing experience together in the same room, at the same time by two therapists. What better way to spend quality time together. as you relax and forget all the pressures of the day! Bring your spouse, best friend, or mom to enjoy each other’s company and be completely relaxed. This treatment is available at our Hertel location only. 

Two Full-Body Massages – 60 min $140

Pregnancy Massage

“Take Back” your body for one full hour or more! This soothing massage can ease away the tension, low back pain, leg cramps, and muscle spasms. We take individual precautions throughout this treatment to ensure your comfort and the safety of both you and your baby

Full Body – 60 min $80

Extended Full Body – 90 min $120

Massages with a Purpose

Aromatherapy Massage

Choose from 12 natural aromas and enjoy a full body massage that rebalances, revitalizes, relaxes, and creates a greater sense of well being.

Full Body – 60 min $90
Extended Full Body – 90 min $130

Medical Massage

This form of massage therapy will focus on trouble areas to relieve chronic pain, muscle tension, and fatigue. Your massage will be designed utilizing a variety of techniques to relieve your nagging aches and pains. Ideal and effective for low back, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and upper back-shoulders-neck. Accepting No-Fault cases with a script and diagnosis codes. Sorry, no workman’s comp cases accepted.

Medical Massage – 20 min $30

Sports Massage

This deep tissue massage is more intense as your therapist focuses on relieving muscle soreness and easing tired joints that may result from over-exertion or strenuous exercise. We recommend this massage therapy after a vigorous workout, sports competition, or marathon.

Sports Massage – 30 min $50

Corporate Chair Massage

Looking for a way to thank your employees? The benefits of massage therapy in the workplace are: improves productivity, reduces absenteeism and turnover, increases clarity and concentration, and reduces stress. This therapy is excellent in any work environment, at social gatherings, and promotional events. Call for details and pricing.

Chair Massage

A wonderful introduction to massage therapy, this noninvasive massage relieves daily back, neck, and shoulder strain without the inconvenience of changing clothes.

1 min – $1 
Minimum 15 min – $15 
Maximum 30 min – $30

Infant Massage/Parent Bonding

Learn how to communicate your love through touch to your newborn! Massaging your baby is a wonderful way to promote mental and physical growth. Teaches healthy touch and enhances the bonding with your baby. Both parents are encouraged to attend.

Personal Session 60 min – $80
Group classes are available. 
Call for details and pricing.

Massages with a Twist

Mud Wrap Massage

A luxurious, full-body treatment utilizing plant extracts and trace elements in this natural mud wrap, finished with a massage using moisturizing massage butter. Your body will be renewed, regenerated, and revitalized.

Mud Wrap Massage – 60 min $120

Sea Salt Massage

Using a blend of aromatic sea salts, mineral salts, and essential oils, this polish is gently massaged into your skin to stimulate circulation. The treatment is completed with a luxurious full-body massage using soothing butter to create a wonderful finish.

Sea Salt Massage – 60 min $110

Energy Balancing Wrap Massage

Experience a sea salt exfoliation, followed by body mud infused with energizing or calming essential oils, culminating with a full body massage. This treatment will bring your body to a complete state of relaxation and well-being.

Energy Balancing Wrap Massage – 90 min $230

Hydrating Spa Massage

This treatment includes exfoliation of the hands with sea salt crystals, set in warm wraps, and finished with a massage using moisturizing massage butter. Ideal for overworked and arthritic hands.

Hydrating Spa Massage – 30 min $30

Essential Foot Massage

Treat your overworked, tired feet and aching legs to the ultimate antidote, as they are pampered and restored with a sea salt scrub and deep soothing massage.

Essential Foot Massage – 20 min $40

Massage & Spa Parties

A great way to spend an evening with “the girls” or even a teen birthday party. Make your special event a memorable one. Call for details and pricing.

Office-Site Massage Sessions

Call for Services and Pricing