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Fitness Classes for Seniors

Fitness for Seniors

At our Wellness Center on Hertel Ave in Buffalo NY, we offer a few different types of fitness classes for seniors! When it comes to staying healthy, physical fitness is key.


One key component of our Senior Fitness programs is our Stretching and Flexibility with Jim. 

Stretching allows for greater mobility in the joints and also helps improve posture. Building flexibility can help prevent injury, and help balance. Improving vascular circulation and muscle control can be key to lowering risk of injury and helping to live a happy & healthy life!


Yoga for Seniors in WNY

 There are many benefits of yoga, but especially for seniors. Yoga helps seniors by:

– Reducing Stress

– Improve Sleep 

– Alleviate Aches & Pains

– Improve Balance, Flexibility, Coordination

– Strengthen Bones – Help prevent osteoporosis

– Improve Mood / Lessen Risk of Depression / Seasonal Affective Disorder

In addition to some of our stretching programs with Jim, you can also see our yoga class schedule by going over to our appointment booking tools. Want to learn more about yoga? Head over to our Yoga Page!

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Absolutely amazing. I’ve been to many big name places around Buffalo and a few one off LMTs but Laura is by far the best. Really cozy place right on the Hertel Strip, will be back.”


This place is honestly the greatest! I had one session with Laura and the other with Timika and they listened to what my problem areas were and focused on those along with the full body massage. I felt so relaxed and calm afterwards – definitely felt like this renewed energy was in me. I’m super bummed because I just moved to Philly for work and will have to find a new place, and I’m not sure anywhere will live up to the standards set here!


I live in DC and get massages fairly often. With family still in the Buffalo area I am home 2-3 times per year and I never let a visit go by without seeing Laura. She is hands down the best massage I’ve ever had and very reasonably priced. I can’t recommend her highly enough.


Laura is a very passionate, dedicated and diligent business owner. She is very empathetic and always puts her customers’ best interest first.

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