Welcome back to our blog here at Green Pastures Still Waters! Stretching is a key part of keeping your body healthy, especially for seniors. So today, we’re going to go over three benefits of stretching for seniors!

Benefit 1: Stretching Improves Flexibility

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Stretching can increase flexibility and improve the range of motion for your joints. Flexibility is necessary to keep tissue and joints healthy for anyone, but especially as we age. Elite athletes stretch, no matter the sport. 

If the tissues around your joints lose their flexibility, you become more prone to muscle strains and/or ligament tears. There was a study done in 2019 that found that dynamic stretches immediately increase the flexibility of the targeted joint that lasts up to 90 minutes 

Benefit 2: Stretching Prevents Injury

That same study also found that stiff hamstrings and decreased motion in the knee are high-risk factors for a hamstring injury. Dynamic stretching’s loosening of tissues and muscles means it may help prevent those injuries. 

An earlier study found that both dynamic and static stretching 15 minutes before activity decreases injury risk. Additional benefits were reduced low back pain, and fewer muscle/tendon injuries.

Benefit 3: Stretching Keeps You Mobile

“A body in motion stays in motion” is a law of physics, and it applies to us too. Stretching maintains your range of motion, which is needed for everyday activities and also more athletic interests like cycling or golf. Flexibility decreases as we age, and keeping that range of motion will allow you to maintain independence. Plus, people tend to get more hunched over and take shorter strides as they age, putting extra strain on your joints and limiting mobility, which makes stretching all the more critical. 

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