Welcome back to the blog here at GPSW! Today, let us nudge you toward taking a maintenance day for yourself and booking a massage from us here at Green Pastures Still Waters.

Green Pastures Still Waters offers a wide variety of massage style for every occasion, and we can even bring the experience to your corporate office with our corporate chair massages. Here at GPSW, we have over a dozen kinds of massage to choose from covering three overarching styles. Today, let’s take a higher-level look at some of those styles of massage that we offer.

Relaxing Massage

Our relaxing massages are perfect for every client that tries them! The traditional massage calms the mind while relaxing the body, melting your stresses away. Meanwhile, hot stone massage offers a more luxurious option, with deep heating therapy. We use smooth, heated, polished basalt stones that are incorporated into your massage to loosen tight muscles, relieve stress, and ease tension. We also offer a pregnancy massage! This soothing massage can ease your tensions, offer relief for lower back pain, leg cramps, and muscle spasms. 

Massage With a Purpose

We have so many options for massages with a purpose at our wellness center and massage studios. We offer aromatherapy massages, which enhance your massage with a selection of our enticing, natural aromas. Our medical massage focuses on trouble areas to relieve chronic pain, muscle tension, and fatigue. The sports massages we offer are a deep tissue massage, which is more intense than our other more relaxing choices. That’s not everything though, check out our services page for more!

young woman receiving hot stone massage

Get Your Relaxing Massage in Buffalo, NY Today

An excellent massage is just a phone call or booking away! Why wait when you can experience the relaxing and healing powers of massage and melt away your stress. 

GPSW has two locations! You can find us inside the Swan Salon on 2720 Eggert Rd and at 1413 Hertel Ave at our NEW Wellness Center! 

We don’t only have these opulent massage options available, we also have some exercise and stretching classes! 

Get in Touch!

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