Welcome back to the blog! Here on our website, we aim to help our neighbors of Buffalo NY know their options for getting fit! In 2022 we launched a new expansion at our North Buffalo location and for the first time, GPSW offers fitness classes! We hope to provide a safe space for everyone to get in shape, but especially our older crowd! If you’re looking for something a bit more intense, call to ask for Marco to learn about our Personal training programs! Today we wanted to talk about a few reasons why you (or your Mom and Pop) should check out our classes for seniors!

1. Accessibility

Understanding that older folks may not be able to get around easily, we have a specially designed chair lift to help folks be able to automatically reach the top of the stairs. We aim to create a space for seniors who can feel comfortable and happy to exercise, and ensuring our seniors wouldn’t need to use the stairs was a HUGE priority for us. We understand that many older folks aren’t extremely excited to go out, but we’ve made accommodations to ensure they are safe entering and exiting our classes.

2. Affordability

We offer classes that fit your needs, but we also offer various pricing structures based on your need. If you want to just try something out, you can do just a class or 2. If you want to buy a membership package, you can do that as well! We have several ways you can pay! To learn more, just give us a call or visit our page on MindBody to see our full class schedule and pricing options!

3. Healthy Aging

Getting a person over 60/65 years old to get moving is a task, but one that can significantly enhance their life, and health! You may have heard of “Silver Sneakers” workout courses online. Many healthcare insurance plans and medicare packages include financial rebates and coverage for certified workout centers. Ask your provider if you have any incentives for fitness or exercise for seniors! We offer a few different options for people over 50, including a stretching program, yoga for seniors, Qi Gong, and more! Have an idea? Let us know! We have a whole team of trainers who are seeking new clients now!

4. Get Out of that Winter Funk

Seasonal Affective Disorder is something that Buffalonians know too well. With long winters that seem to last longer every year, age doesn’t matter when you’re stuck inside for 2/3 of the year! Having a routine workout schedule is a great way to keep yourself cheerful and out of the winter doldrums. For seniors, or people who have recently retired, sitting around the house all day can lead to depression and a lack of motivation. Finding a nice fitness center for seniors where your mom or dad can feel safe, feel good, and get healthier should be a high priority for anyone in WNY!

These are 4 of many reasons why you NEED to come to check out our new Wellness Center! We have a terrific group of Yoga and Qi Gong instructors who are sure to impress, and remember not all gyms are created equal! We have put in significant effort to provide a place to train for EVERYONE, but especially our wonderful seniors of WNY! Remember to check out our social media to keep up on all the latest news and info!