Welcome back to the blog here at GPSW! Today, let us nudge you toward treating yourself and booking a massage from us here at Green Pastures Still Waters! We offer a wide variety of massage styles for every occasion, and personal training, yoga and more at our Wellness Center too.

 Here at GPSW, we have over a dozen kinds of massage to choose from covering three overarching styles. Today, let’s take a higher-level look at some of those styles of massage that we offer.

Corporate Chair Massage

Massage With a Purpose! 

We mentioned our corporate chair massage in passing last time, and it’s perfect to bring to your office! Workplace massages bolster productivity, reduce absenteeism and employee turnover, increase concentration, and reduce stress. It’s excellent for all work environments, social gatherings, and promotional events. You can also come in and get the relaxing chair massage experience yourself!

We also offer an infant massage/parent bonding experience. Communicate your love through touch! Since you and your baby can’t quite use words to communicate to each other yet, touch is a great way to show your infant your affection. Massaging your baby is a great way to promote menthol and physical growth, and we’ll teach you what you need to know. 

Massage With a Twist

Our massages with a twist are the best in Buffalo! You can get a mud wrap massage, which is a luxurious, full-body experience utilizing plant extracts and trace elements, set in warm and natural mud wraps, finishing with a massage. 

We also offer sea salt massages! Our sea salt massages involve a blend of aromatic sea salts, mineral salts and essential oils.  We massage this into your skin to stimulate circulation and finish with a full-body, luxurious massage.

 Another option available to you is our energy balancing wrap massage! Its a sea salt exfoliation, followed by body mud infusing with essential oils, and finishing with a full-body massage. You can also try our hydrating spa massage, a treatment that includes exfoliation of the hands with sea salt crystals, set in warm wraps, and finishing with a massage that uses moisturizing massage butter. 

Masseur doing massage on woman body in the spa salon

If your feet are feeling the need for a massage, we also offer an essential foot massage! Treat your tired, overworked feet and aching legs with the best remedy, a sea salt scrub and deep soothing massage. 

Get Your Relaxing Massage in Buffalo, NY Today

An excellent massage is just a phone call or booking away! Don’t delay! You can experience the relaxing and healing powers of massage and melt away your stresses today. 

GPSW has two locations! You can find us inside the Swan Salon on 2720 Eggert Rd and at 1413 Hertel Ave at our NEW Wellness Center! 

We don’t only have these opulent massage options available, we also have some exercise and stretching classes. Check out our schedule to see all the available times and classes. 

Get in Touch!

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