Welcome back to the Green Pastures Still Waters blog! Today, we’re going to focus on our Kickboxing Classes in Buffalo, NY. Kickboxing is a full-body exercise that blends cardio and strength training in a high-intensity workout. Don’t let that discourage you, though, because kickboxing is just as fun as it is intense. 

Kickboxing targets numerous muscle groups throughout the body, providing an overall tone and increasing strength. It’s a powerful exercise that provides numerous benefits, that we’ve gone over a few months ago, but kickboxing provides so many benefits that we had to go over a few more.

Without further delay, let’s get into these 3 more reasons to sign up for GPSW’s Kickboxing classes in Buffalo, NY.

3 Reasons to Take Kickboxing Classes With GPSW

Kickboxing Is An Ideal, Cross-Training Workout

If you’ve been plugging away on your treadmill or workout bike and need a break from that cardio routine, kickboxing is the perfect cross-training workout. You can add weight by using wrist or ankle weights. Just a couple of rounds each week can get you out of your fitness doldrums! 

Kickboxing Burns Major Calories

Fitness Kickboxing can burn over 800 calories per hour! You’ll tone your whole body and seriously speed up your metabolism. It’s a supercharged cardio routine that’s ideal for fat-burning and muscle-building.

Kickboxing Improves Posture 

Do you spend your working hours hunched over a computer? Kickboxing workouts target several muscle groups that don’t get enough attention during the day and strengthen your core. Core muscles in and around your abdomen are utilized because you need your waist and abs for balance and to execute moves. That strengthening of your core and various muscle groups will improve your posture as your back straightens out from the exercise. 

This list doesn’t encompass every benefit, to do that we’d be here all day! We reviewed a few others in our previous kickboxing blog, so check it out for more information.

Get Moving with GPSW’s Kickboxing Classes in Buffalo, NY 

Green Pastures Still Waters has kickboxing classes at our convenient Hertel Ave location in Buffalo, NY. Also, for all the benefits of kickboxing, we offer our classes starting at an easy $12 for one session. However, you can bundle a bunch and save some money! 

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